Tyler the Creator’s Converse Kick Shh…

Tyler the Creator Stays True To His Brand via Converse



I had met Tyler the Creator during one of his concerts out in London (shout out to DDot Men and Clash Magazine) a couple of years ago, and the first thing I remember is that he wore a hat that said ‘Golf’. I had to call him out on that because back in 2003, I had a hat that said ‘Golf’ at the front.

One thing I really respect about Tyler, is that he understood the power of personal branding and merchandise. To me, he’s never really been one to compromise his brand; consistency has been steady.

I think $100 for a pair of Converse sneakers is silly, I wouldn’t do pay that much. They’re not that hot. But Tyler is probably the only rapper of his generation that has managed to do collaborate with brands in such a way that it didn’t forced. Everything he has done has been organic.

And he’s owned the golf concept better than I ever could have back in the day.

Safra Ducreay